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5L Highest Speed Blow Molding Machine

Author:James Guo Click: Time:2020-02-13 21:45:57


        The professional plastic blower manufacturer will be interested to know the highest speed blow molding machine in the world. Fast production speed could help manufacturer to reduce the production cost efficiently. But where can find this kind of high-speed machine? Let me guide you for go through it.


        Hebei Sanqing factory invented the fastest and highest speed blow molding machine for 5L plastic container. The speed could reach every 5 second per piece of bottle. The most amazing is this machine could achieve fully automatic. The bottle will be trimmed automatically at end of the production line. So why this machine could reach this high speed?


        After study this machine, we found that this machine is rotary style, every station has its own working process; totally six stations, each station takes 25 seconds to finish one cycle including: take the material and close the mold; inject the blow pin to the mold; cooling; take out blow pin from mold; take semi-product to the conveyor; Due to this process is done in rotary process, the cooling time is saved, comparing with traditional double stations horizontal shuttle machines. Save time means raise up speed, therefore this rotary mechanism is the good idea for blowing process;


       You will be surprised: “Why this not so famous company is able to invent this kind of highest speed machine in the world?”. Let me tell you the reason, because Sanqing is good for rotary style blowing machine for the past 20 years, they have accumulated much experience for the rotary technology. However, 20 years ago, the invention is focus on bottles smaller than 1 Liter. This time, new technology could be work for the bottles smaller than 5 Liters; This is tremendous step for Sanqing company.


      Furthermore, this new rotary style blowing machine is operated by servo motors, which could help company save much electricity, because the traditional technology is only equipped with hydraulic pump to be major power for molds operation. The hydraulic power is the most energy consumption process. The total average power is only 70KW.


      Additionally, this highest speed machine could equip with label machine, leak tester, etc. It could fulfill most of the huge volume blow molding manufacturers. Now you should have a clear image for the machine, if you would like to realize and know more about the highest speed machine in the world, please contact me now. +86-13831792128, you could send me WhatsApp or WeChat message. You could also reach me by email: jamesguoxu@qq.com

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