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ice lolly tubes blow molding machine

lolly tube blowing machine ice pop bottle machine pipette dropper machine

Separate style rotary blowing machine is more economical, which has same functions with connected style, but price is much cheaper.

ice lolly tubes blow molding machine

4 Stations (Molds) 6 Stations (Molds) 8 Stations (Molds)

Extruder Size

45 mm 55 mm 65mm 75 mm


Yes No

Specifications select

Product Detail

SQ-6 Ice lolly tubes blow molding machine

           Rotary Blow Molding Machine is our famous machine, which is suitable to produce small bottles from 1ml to 800ml. This machine was widely used for produce ice lolly tubes, ice pop bottles, milk bottles, yogurt bottles, medicine bottles and pipette dropers. 

           Rotary Blow molding machine could work with LDPE, HDPE, PP materials, the bottle thickness could be controlled by our machine easily. 

           Our Rotary blow molding machine could produce with very high speed output, each hour can reach 3000 pieces of lolly tubes. 5000 pieces of pipette droppers. 1000 pieces above of the milk yogurt juice bottles;  

Machine Parameters:

Max. Bottle Containment


Productive capacity

2500-3000 PCS/HR for Lolly tube

Allowed Mould width


Allowed Mould Thickness


Blowing Air pressure


Rated Power


Extruder Screw Diameter


Plasticizing Capacity


Size of Main Frame(L.W.H)




Main Machine Components:

Temperature Controller: OMRON from Japan

Motor Inverter: DELTA 

Electrical Components: Delixi 

Water and air rotary connector: SANQING SPEICAL DESIGNED.

Air Cylinder: ISAIA 

We also could use other brand of electrical components based on special requirements, however, the price will be reflected accordingly. 

Video Demo:

Ice lolly tubes blowing in process. 

Below is ice lolly tube blow molding machine video from youtube.com

Below is litchi bottle 8 stations rotary blow molding machine demo::

Video Demo for machines operation in client jobsite:

We have three styles of rotary blow molding machine:

  • connected style: the blower and extruder is connected to be a whole machine; 
  • separate style: the blower and extruder is separate to be two separate machines;
  • PLC style: the blower and extruder is conneceted and controlled by PLC touch screen. 

Connected Style Rotary Blow Molding Machine as below:

Separate Style Rotary Blow Molding Machine as below(Extruder and Blower Separately):

PLC type Rotary Blow Molding machine as below:

1, this type machine equipped with PLC control screen, the temperaturer controller is build in system.  

Filters of the Blow Molding Machine: 

Filter is used to filter the dust and dirty stuff from the plastic material to avoid the dirty stuck at the die head. The default type is manual type.  


  Pneumatic Filter                                      Manual Filter

This Part is Die Core and Cup:

Die cup and core is inside the die head, it will decide the parison diameter. Different product needs different die core and cup, so before production, please make sure the die cup and core is correct size. However, we will choose the most suitable die core and cup for your product if you place order for us. 

Ice lolly Tube Moulds are as below:

Ice lolly Tubes Drawing:


            Customer could provide us drawing or sample, we will able to produce molds based on customer needs; If customer don't have drawing or sample, we will able to provide our drawing to customer to choose. We also could modify the drawing based on customer requirement. 

            Customer also could put the logo on the tube body, including the arabic words of ingredients as well as changeable month and year. We could produce based on the requirements. 


 For 90ml ice lolly tubes, every piece about 3 grams

 For 40ml ice lolly tubes, every piece about 2.2 grams

Machines' detail photo:


The below products could be produced:

Machine Spare Parts 

Our machine is stable operation, however, customer should prepare some spare parts in stock in case need to change necessary. 

Below is the spare part list(you can require this list with us):


For the blow pins and cutters, those are consumption parts, you could prepare some spare parts to be backup, so you will not have problem during production. 

Our company machine in customer jobsite:

our machine in Bangladesh No. 1 Company

our machine in Bangladesh No. 1 company

packing section of ice lolly company in Bangladesh

packing section of ice lolly company in Bangladesh

Our machine in Bangladesh Exhibition

Auxiliary Machines

           Auxiliary Machines are necesary for blow molding machines. Only blow molding machine cannot operate, we should use the blow molding machine together with below auxiliary machines:

1, Air compressor: use to supply compressed air

2, Auto Loader: use to load virgin resins to the hopper of the extrudor

3, Chiller: use to cooling the molds, because after long time operation, the molds will become hot;

4, Crusher: for the waste material from the blow molding machine, crusher will break the waste material to be small pieces, so we could use the recycled materil to mix with virgin resins again(customer decied to reuse material depends on the actual condition). 

5, Mixer: The recyled material will be mixed with virgin resins and use mixer to mix the materials averagely. 

6, Molds: all the plastic product shapes depend on molds, we can produce molds for the blow molding machine, the molds could be designed by our company; 

Ice lolly Tube Plant Layout


Ice lolly Production Plant Layout

Packing method:

Cautions(important information before use the machine)

1, Before start running the machine, heating the machine for one hour, make sure the temperature reached setting value, then start operation!  Otherwise, the motor and inverter might burn.

2, Before operate the machine, please fill the gear box with GEAR OIL China oil Number: 220#, the oil level should reach middle of the Gear Box Mirror.

3, Please change the filter mesh every shift to keep the product quality. The filter is 100 mesh stainless steel 304 grade.

4, If you have placed more than 1 kind of mold, please check if there is more die core and cup in your tool box. Maybe need to change die core and cup when you change molds. (Attention: the die cup and core should be stock by pair, don’t mix up the pair between different size of parts!)